Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources.

You are a retirement plan fiduciary. A trusted steward of someone else’s money. It’s an awesome responsibility. But, let’s be honest, you are busy and have 1,000 other pressing matters demanding your full time and attention. Despite your willingness and good intentions, time constraints simply hamper your ability to commit your best efforts to the role.

Our job is to make you look good by aligning our full time commitment to fiduciary services to augment with your intentions…giving you the confidence and assurance that someone is driven to perform to the same high standard of service for you as your willing advocate.


Non-Discretionary vs. Discretionary

We provide conflict free advice according to the high standards of conduct expected of ERISA fiduciaries.

Non-discretionary investment advice

Under this type of advice arrangement, our consultants share investment fiduciary responsibility with the Investment Committee. We provide investment recommendations tailored to your situation but the Investment Committee has final decision making authority for the investment decisions.

Discretionary investment advice 

Under this arrangement, the Plan Committee relinquishes its investment decision making responsibility by outsourcing such duties to our firm serving as the investment manager.


How We Help You Be A Better Steward

  • Fiduciary Committee Education & Training
  • Fiduciary Assessment
  • Investment Policy Statement Preparation