Defined Benefit Pension Management Services

Optimize your organization’s financial performance by implementing a fully integrated pension management strategy.

We analyze critical plan and company financial data to formulate pension strategies calibrated to those risk and return factors most important to your company… while mitigating risks to your financial statements. Our proprietary pension performance monitoring report tracks your plans performance relative to established goals.


Enhanced Pension Management

Better Information
We simplify your life by delivering turnkey pension management processes by tethering together key elements from your actuary, investment manager, trustee/custodian, plan administrator into a comprehensive pension performance reporting system.

Better Decisions
Delivering critical plan information central to key policy decisions in a single consolidated report empowers vastly improved strategic management of the pension program.

Better Results
Coordinated oversight and advanced plan monitoring capabilities facilitates superior decision-making by identifying policy “markers” which trigger timely execution of tactical maneuvers aimed to systematically capture performance gains…gains that otherwise are lost opportunities in traditional unbundled reporting arrangements.

Our Pension Capabilities

Plan Performance Monitoring (Retainer Services):

  • Asset/Liability Modeling
  • Formalize Strategy, Targeted Objectives, Funding & Investment Policies
  • Portfolio construction
  • Employee Communications and Assistance
  • Structure Dynamic Asset Allocation
  • Investment Manager Selection and Performance Monitoring
  • Manage & Monitor Plan Performance Results
  • Identify & Implement Tactical Opportunities

In addition, organizations often hire us to provide one-time project services including:Pension Financial Stress Test

  • Pension Financial Stress Test
  • Formulate Defined Benefit Exit Strategies
  • Manage the Plan Termination Process
  • Restructuring service provider fee arrangements,
  • Research projects for special need situations,
  • Special Studies for due diligence support,
  • Second opinions to support objective decisions,
  • Problem resolution situations