Are you struggling to figure out which payout option from your employer’s pension plan is best for you?

Did you know the usual choices given to you—either take a lump sum or take some form of monthly payment—are NOT your only options? That’s only half the story!

That’s right! Please listen up. Beyond the strict parameters of your employer’s plan exist a host of options for creating customized payout strategies to fit your needs…that may have the potential for increasing your payout. That opportunity is dependent upon interest rate conditions…the key is to spot and capture the opportunity when it presents itself.

Hi. I’m Chip Hunt with PrimeTRUST Advisors here in Greenville. I geek out on pensions. Somebody’s got to be that guy. I’ve been in the business for 40 years.

If you’re interested in learning more about all of your options, and you’re already thinking about retirement, or just recently retired, our upcoming webinar is perfect for you.

In this exclusive webinar, we will show you how to go about objectively making the right decision for you and your family.

About Chip Hunt

Chip Hunt is the founder and President of PrimeTRUST Advisors, an investment advisory firm dedicated to helping individuals and institutions with their retirement plan. His desire to embrace the true fiduciary role (working for the best interest of others), motivated him to launch the firm in 2006 to transform this belief into a reality.

Chip graduated from the University of the South (Sewanee, TN) with a BA in English. He credits his “formal” education to his 40 years in the financial services industry; most of which, were spent growing up as the 3rd generation in his family’s actuarial services firm managing corporate pensions, 401(k)s and designing investment structures within those plans. Chip serves in leadership roles in retirement industry organizations and is an author and frequent speaker on retirement topics. Mostly though, Chip loves working “in the trenches” alongside his clients, seeking to serve their needs in this specialty field.

Chip loves the outdoors! He’s been known to sneak out of the office “due to weather conditions” and hit the Swamp Rabbit Trail on his bike. Either that, or you’re likely to find him on a near-by hiking trail.

Fun Fact: At Sewanee, Chip served 4 years on the student-led, community fire department as the chief-engineer (the driver of the firetruck).

Chip is a member of Retirement Advisors and Designers of America