• SVB & Signature Bank Collapsed: Why Banks Fail & How to Protect Your Savings
    By Chip Hunt Banks play a vital role in the economy, providing individuals and businesses with access to cash, credit, and other financial services. Despite their importance, however, banks can fail. And when they do, the effects often cause panic in the wider economic environment.  This past week, two major players in the banking industry, …More
  • 401(k)s – How Much to Contribute?
    By Chip Hunt When it comes to saving for retirement, there’s no better savings vehicle than a trusty 401(k). But it must be used properly for maximum benefit. One of the single biggest 401(k) mistakes I see is many workers only contribute enough to get the full company matching amount. And that’s it; they stop …More
  • Don’t Make These 5 Common Retirement Mistakes
    By Chip Hunt Everybody makes mistakes (we’re human after all), but some mistakes are more dire than others. When it comes to budgeting and financial planning, mistakes that seem simple can have lasting consequences on your life in retirement. Properly planning for retirement requires diligent planning, budgeting, and investing.  Let’s discuss 5 common mistakes retirees …More
  • High Interest Rates Present New Opportunities for Taking Your Pension
    By Chip Hunt “High interest rates are changing the math on pension lump sums.” – The Wall Street Journal, October 31, 2022 The Punch Line So…here’s the punchline!  Because of the way pension rules work, changing interest rates often create pricing “irregularities” that you can exploit…potentially resulting in a higher pension payout to you! And …More
  • Now Is a Time for Reflection and Resolution—Goodbye 2022!
    By Chip Hunt A Letter to Retirees and Soon-to-Be Retirees 2022: The Year “Conventional Wisdom” Did NOT Work for Traditional Portfolios Reflection First What worked in 2022?  Answer: hardly anything.  It’s hard not to be discouraged, but hear me out on this. I am offering insight and hope into this matter.  If you are a …More