Building Secure Retirement Income Plans for Individuals.

“75 percent of Americans are ‘winging it’ when it comes to their financial future.” – CNBC Survey, August 2019

We get it… it can be complicated! And few want to deal with the hassle. We want to make it simple for you. Let us do the busy work. We help you organize, grow and utilize your financial resources to their maximum potential.

Most individuals have a collection of financial resources available to them—IRAs, 401(k)s, savings and investment accounts, annuities, Social Security, perhaps even an old pension. Ironically, these very resources—each with its own set of complexities—leave many individuals more confused and concerned about the security of their retirement.

Our retirement income planning process helps individuals to answer the question–“Are we on track for a secure retirement?”.

We can show you how to make it happen with a written retirement income plan so that you are not just “winging it” and can rest in the confidence of a sound plan.

Better Information
We understand the component resources for a sound, secure retirement plan. We counsel you and provide you options for how to best utilize your financial resources. The advice we provide is relevant and easy-to-understand.

Better Decisions
With better information and understanding, you are empowered to make better decisions for choosing the right approach for implementing the retirement income plan that you are most comfortable with.

Better Results
Surveys show that individuals receiving this kind of retirement income planning advise produce substantially improved results compared to individuals not receiving help. Don’t just “wing it” … together let’s manage it and make it happen for you!

Our Retirement Income Planning Process for Individuals

  1. Client Interview – We want to understand your retirement income goals and expectations.
  2. Gather Data – We want to understand your available financial resources.
  3. Analyze Information – We want to understand all the options available to you.
  4. Develop Retirement Income Plan – We generate a draft of recommended approaches for retirement income based upon the most-favorable combination of options available to you.
  5. Present Retirement Income Plan – We want to obtain your feedback and preferences for the ideas and approaches presented; then we tweak the Plan.
  6. Finalize Retirement Income Plan – We want to ensure that we have a common understanding of the details and the structure for your Retirement Income Plan.
  7. Implementation – We work with you to make any benefit-related decisions and to establish necessary financial accounts for supporting the Plan.
  8. Monitor – We will visit with you periodically to review your plan’s actual results compared to the expectations established within the plan. We make recommendations for “course” adjustments, if necessary, in order to keep you “on-track”.