Rating 401(k) Service Providers

Service Provider Evaluation

By: Chip Hunt

401(k) Plan Committee members: As we approach mid-year and you consider the state of your 401(k) plan, you may find yourself at a crossroad – contemplating whether to just tolerate continued poor service, or to take the necessary steps to change your “bundled” – all-in-one – service provider. But who wants to go through that hassle? Just the thought of taking on another project… and the dread of listening to endless sales pitches that all sound the same… makes one queasy.

Enter PrimeTRUST Advisors, based in Greenville, SC, with a unique solution tailored to help plan decision-makers by removing the headaches of the service provider selection process. We’ve revolutionized the process by introducing “401(k) Service Provider Scorecards”, a service designed to bring ease, clarity and objectivity to your decision-making… and saving you the headache and the time.

We created our Scorecards to resemble a Consumer Reports-like experience of providing consumers with “ratings” based upon “independence and impartial judgment”. Just like Consumer Reports aims to provide consumers with unbiased product reviews, we endeavor to provide impartial evaluations of bundled 401(k) service providers for company decision-makers – empowering them to make the right decision.

Chip Hunt, one of our experts, formerly in the recordkeeping and administration business for retirement plans, leads the charge. With years of experience, we understand the stark differences in service quality among providers.

“It’s not just about fees;
it’s about the
value proposition”

Our Scorecard simplifies the process, spotlighting those service providers excelling in service capabilities that are vital to your needs. It’s not just about fees; it’s about the value proposition. Sure, a low fee might catch your eye, but does the corresponding service proposal include the solutions proven to fix your current service defects? Our evaluation uncovers these nuances, guiding you to identify your best-fit service solution for your 401(k) plan.

Behind our scorecards lie meticulous support documentation, providing transparency and confidence in our evaluations. We operate on a project basis, respecting existing advisor relationships while offering unparalleled expertise.

So as you consider the state of your 401(k) plan, and you find yourself at the crossroad, take the step to address the issues and let PrimeTRUST Advisors serve as your guide.

Reach out to us for a consultation, and let us tackle this project for you, ensuring your 401(k) plan thrives with the right service provider to support your organization’s needs.

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