Fiduciary Expertise For ERISA Plans

As Retirement Plan Consultants and Investment Advisors, we serve Retirement Committees of organizations that offer retirement plans to their employees. We deliver the information, insight, and counsel so Committees have confidence in decision-making that conforms to the high conduct standards expected from plan fiduciaries.

Key reasons organizations work with us:

  • Access to our extensive retirement plan knowledge and expertise (over 40 years working in all facets of qualified retirement plans);
  • Effectiveness in problem-solving service issues;
  • Easily accessible, highly responsive, and dependable.

The PrimeTRUST Service Experience:

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Learn more about our services by Plan type:

Optimize your organization’s financial performance by implementing a fully integrated pension management strategy.

We formulate pension strategies calibrated to those risk and return factors most important to your company… while mitigating risks to your financial statements. Working with your actuary, investment manager, trustee/custodian, and plan administrator, our proprietary pension performance monitoring report, tracks your plan’s performance relative to your established goals.

Our Pension Capabilities:

  • Formalize Strategy, Targeted Objectives, Funding & Investment Policies
  • Asset/Liability Modeling
  • Structure Dynamic Asset Allocation
  • Investment Manager Selection and Performance Monitoring
  • Manage & Monitor Plan Performance Results

You are a retirement plan fiduciary–a trusted steward of someone else’s money. Let’s be honest, you are busy with other pressing matters demanding your time and attention. Our proprietary investment selection process was specifically formulated to shield those who serve as 401(k) plan fiduciaries against threats embedded within this litigious environment. Ask us how it works. Our 401(k) Capabilities:

  • Consulting
  • Plan Design
  • Proprietary Investment Management Selections
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Participant Group Meetings
  • Fee Benchmarking
  • 401(k) Service Provider Evaluation and Selection
  • One-on-One Financial Planning Sessions for Participants